in time    


one becomes 


a weightless, spiritless

              (weightless, spiritless)

sliver of a previous life 

        (a previous life)

unmanaged and left to rot

    (left to rot.)

and one must readapt


to malpractice, survive unlike


all others before.

    (others before)


a feat of nature 


disguised as a feat

(a feat)

of corroboration, exacerbating


prior personal tensions   


between godliness and present


company. with narcissus

(with narcissus)

so overcome, and echo

(and echo)

finds herself


drifting away, no longer tender


watching flowers blooming despite    

(blooming despite)

all efforts to the contrary


in the hands of expectations


led by rites, and deception.  

            (and deception.)

milena bee is a genderfluid chicane poet and mythologist. they live in Los Angeles, where they can be found gardening, weaving, and attempting to finish a book. they're the co-editor of All Guts No Glory.