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join our team at gossamer lit! we're seeking creative individuals who break down boundaries with their works—individuals who are dreamers & explorers. we're seeking your talent!


  • STAFF POET: write 1-2 poems per quarterly issue for the poetry column; work closely with staff poetry editors for publication

  • STAFF WRITER: write 1-2 pieces of prose per quarterly issue for the prose column; work closely with staff prose editors for publication

  • STAFF ARTIST: provide cover art &/or other related pieces of artwork per quarterly issue; work closely with contributors for publication

  • SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER: knowledgeable in graphic design; post & interact with literary community on behalf of gossamer lit 


at gossamer lit, we believe that every individual is in different points of their artistic journey. therefore, we don't prioritize previous publication history. simply send us over your work that best represents you at this point. if you have hesitation or questions about applying, feel free to reach out to us. we're here to support you as creatives.

for a comfortable workspace, we would like to enforce a tentative age limit of 25 or below. thank you for respecting us as minors.